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The bird must die!

This bird must die

This is not a time for us to be sentimental. We may think that it looks cute and cuddly. We may remember watching it as a child. We may be thinking that our own children are watching it and laughing, maybe even learning. But this is not a time for us to be foolish and sentimental. This bird, this vile, evil, monstrosity of a bird, is dragging our economy down and swelling our public debt. The bird must die! Or we all will.

Ah, you hear the music, you think it sings and dances. You think it entertains and educates. You are a fool. These are the time-honored deceits of the devil. Evil and debt come in many guises. And make no mistake about it, this is debt. Our debt. Or enormous public debt that will soon drown us, like a tsunami. If we don’t heed the warnings, and kill the bird.

The bird must die. It is a sacrifice that must be made for all humanity. When the bird dies we will be able to breathe more freely, rid ourselves of the suffocating hold of public debt. And we will be able to do more, for our own people, and perhaps a few of the world’s poor. But first we must kill the bird.

It may seem harsh, but the most bitter medicine is always the best. Amputate the leg before the cancer grows. The bird has already grown. Our public debt is huge. If we don’t act NOW a pernicious, cancerous public debt will eat away at our core, like gangrene. The bird must die. It is for the common good. It is for the debt.

Heed the warning. Kill the bird. The bird must die!


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