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Just waking up, not sure how I will face the New Year with this tendency to procrastinate. There’s plenty to be done, but I mainly seem to get through the slothful and sinful parts of my to-do list. I drink too much rum, watch too much American tv, eat too much of the kinds of food that are not good for me, and still feel unhealthy emotions towards the Republican Party.

Republican Party (United States)

Republican Party (United States) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

And, if truth be told, in the past few weeks I have ignored my blog and second novel but not the bar and the football games.

But the New Year is approaching fast and I will, once again, promise myself to become a new man. As soon as I am fully and properly awake I will make my new resolutions, or try to find last year’s list. This time will be different! I will be the kind of man that my lady wants (needs?) me to be!

Goal number 1 for the New Year has got to be “Become Un-lazy”. Not sure what potion I can buy to help me with this, but I will try.

I will also publish novel number 2! Yes, I will…I think. The ideas are coming fast and furious, and are abusing me all hours of the night, plunging themselves in and out of my brain. They are such a tease! They want me to try to catch them. To get up and hold them down with a pen. I will, soon.

I will not buy the new Blackberry phone, or any new gadget that Apple, Google, Nexus and all those people stretching their fingers into my pocket want me to buy. I hope for Blackberry’s sake that they have learnt their lesson well: people don’t want a phone merely to keep in touch free of cost (BBM), they want a phone that allows them to share, interact, play, and experience the wide world of gadgets and technologies. In this world where entertainment is highly privatized and where speech has become fragmented and people don’t seem to have plain, ordinary conversations any more, folks are not hoping to talk more, but to share experiences – videos, games, jokes, photos, etc. I hope BB gets it, though I still will not get their phone.

New Phone

Blackberry Phone (Photo credit: jtcoleman)

I want to eat more Jamaican food this coming year, however hard that may be to come by in this part of the world.

Ah, humbug, I’m not even sure why I am using all this energy now to think of my New Year’s list when it isn’t even New Year’s Eve as yet.

Let me go get some rest and get back to this in another day or so.



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