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Pepperpot: Best New Stories from the Caribbean

I have a short story coming out next year. It will be published by Akashic Books as part of an anthology of Caribbean short stories. Look out for it.

Pepperpot: Best New Stories from the Caribbean | Akashic Books.


Featuring the 2013 Commonwealth Prize–winning story “The Whale House” by Sharon Millar.

Akashic Books and Peepal Tree Press, two of the foremost publishers of Caribbean literature, launch a joint Caribbean-focused imprint, Peekash Press, with this anthology. Consisting entirely of brand-new stories by authors living in the region (not simply authors from the region), this collection gathers the very best entries to the Commonwealth Short Story Prize, including a mix of established and up-and-coming writers from islands throughout the Caribbean.

Featuring these brand-new stories:

“The Whale House” by Sharon Millar (Trinidad & Tobago)
“A Good Friday” by Barbara Jenkins (Trinidad & Tobago)
“Reversal of Fortunes” by Kevin Baldeosingh (Trinidad & Tobago)
“The Monkey Trap” by Kevin Hosein (Trinidad & Tobago)
“The Science of Salvation” by Dwight Thompson (Jamaica)
“Waywardness” by Ezekel Alan (Jamaica)
“Berry” by Kimmisha Thomas (Jamaica)
“Father, Father” by Garfield Ellis (Jamaica)
“All the Secret Things No-One Ever Knows” by Sharon Leach (Jamaica)
“This Thing We Call Love” by Ivory Kelly (Belize)
“And the Virgin’s Name Was Leah” by Heather Barker (Barbados)
“Amelia” by Joanne Hillhouse (Antigua & Barbuda)
“Mango Summer” by Janice Lynn Mather (Bahamas)

and others!

A pan-Caribbean anthology of original short stories culled from the very best entries to the Commonwealth Short Story Prize.

Forthcoming: 4/1/14

$15.95 $11.96 Not Currently Available – Check Back Soon!



Some recent interviews

On Susumba: Ezekel Alan on writing, Jamaica, and Disposable People



On ALLI: How I Do It: Ezekel Alan. Top Tips from Top Indie Authors. – See more at: http://selfpublishingadvice.org/blog/how-i-do-it-ezekel-alan-top-tips-from-top-indie-authors/#sthash.YuZTMM1u.dpuf



And recent Amazon and Goodreads comments I found interesting:

Ingrid Persaud (Amazon)

I found this a difficult but compelling read. It plunges you straight into a world of searing poverty without plot or guidance that this is a novel, memoir or art-as-writing. But stay with it and you will soon adjust and trust this unique, authentic voice as he navigates a past of haunting brutality with equally brutal honesty. And it is a generous work because although the author might have been a disposable man he has escaped – a miracle of will and education – and could have remained a safe distance. Instead he chose to return – to confront the hateful place and to tell the wretched stories of Georgie and Cookie and Tall Man and Garnet and all the others who remain either disposable or invisible to society.

Duczi (Amazon)

Readers have said this book was raw and pessimistic etc, and it is all that, but it is also incredibly funny, funny you laugh out loud. It is not for the faint hearted for sure, or for people who expect pretty characters with happy endings saying life sucks they want to read about more pleasant things in books. It is incredible to be faced with the fact how much hardship some people have to face growing up just because of the pure luck or “unluck” of having been born to a certain place, but the book does have a message that yes, it is possible to get out of there, it is possible to become a great writer and survive a childhood full of hardships. I have always liked cynical sense of humor; and I have always liked survivors.

Paul (Goodreads)

Powerful – initially hard to get into, as the style is of a memoir, but ultimately well worth persevering with. Left me hungry for more – a proper voice and a story needing to be heard.

Karen Lloyd (Goodreads)

I love how refreshingly honest this novel is. It is not an immediately-fall-in-love type of read but soon enough you come to appreciate the bluntness of the language. All in all it is a rewarding experience, traversing that ‘hateful f**king place’ with Kenny.

Katalin (Goodreads)

This book is awesome!


I love the simplicity of this last 5 star review.

One love


The way we are – 3

“Look at me, I’m perfect, pure symmetry!”

“What the f— are you looking at?”

(All photos by Ezekel Alan. Selections from my photo journal.)

Pursuing dreams

Hello world!

This is me, Ezekel Alan. For anyone interested in knowing, I speak good English. This is because I come from a country once ruled by Britain, which means I was nearly British! Imagine what my life might have been!

Who am I? 

Would you like to choose? You can choose one or more of the following, but please choose carefully.

(en) Jamaica Location (he) מיקום ג'מייקה (Hi)زمىقا

I am from here

I am:

  1. A Jamaican;
  2. Sexy;
  3. A fabulous author;
  4. Filthy rich;
  5. A humble dude;
  6. A damn lunatic;
  7. A humanitarian;
  8. A fish.

What did you choose? Please let me know by comment.

What my wife says I am: “You are an old fart!” She says that I fart so much that if I concentrate my mind I could perhaps make music. Last night when the subject came up she went further to suggest that I could possibly make money from it, and that this could be my rags to riches story.

Normally when I choose for myself I say that I am whoever I want to be, forget about Reality! I genuinely think that Reality is over-rated.

If Reality chooses for me it says “Ezekel Alan is an international consultant working in Asia. He lives with his wife and kids, has a good reliable dog, and a satisfyingly abundant supply of sweet juicy mangoes.”

Reality sometimes says that I am an angry sheep, but I have no idea where that is coming from.

Anyway, this is what I look like when people take my photo:


One day I’ll share with you what I look like when I see myself in the mirror.

Why am I blogging?

This is the reason:

My perception of who I am and what Reality says are different. This must be aligned! I must make haste!

For example, I think of myself as a writer. Reality says: your mother never even cared to keep anything you wrote as a child!

I say: this must be aligned!

My perception: I am filthy rich. Reality says: you don’t even have dried shit in your ass!

I say: this must be aligned!

I will therefore blog to (a) keep me focused on my quest for fame and greatness, (b) engage with others who find themselves in a similar position (out of alignment); (c) promote my novels (hehehe);  and (d) provide interesting distractions to readers who should really be busy doing something worthwhile.

What do I want to blog about?

  1. All the things I find myself doing instead of writing my book. (Believe me, I will have a lot to blog about!) I would also like to invite all readers to share their own stories about the things they find themselves doing instead of writing their novels or pursuing their dreams. You can either leave a comment or send me a note for me to post.
  2. The most creative/interesting/out-of-the-box lines of a book/ movie I have read/heard in recent times. I find these things quite inspiring and they push me to write. Readers can also share their own interesting lines.

What other use will I make of this blog?

I want this blog to serve as a sort of network where folks can share resources – good sites, good ideas, good contacts for anyone writing or trying to write a novel, or anyone pursuing some dream. I will tell you what I have come across that could be useful, you can tell me what you’ve come across. Do we have a deal?

Deal! Done!

First blog done!

P.s – No humans or animals were hurt or ill-treated during the production of this blog. The same cannot be said for the two blood-sucking mosquitoes that tried to prevent me from writing.

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