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I’m in labour

I haven’t been blogging much this past month. It’s not thatI am depressed because there’s no Olympics to watch. That is only a small part of what has happened, and yes, it is painful that there is nothing else to watch on t.v..

The real reason is that I am writing! I go through phases when nothing happens, and times, like this, when all the ideas come.

I learnt a lot from the first novel. I continue to be very surprised by its success. I feel that I have gotten better, and I have gained much from the comments of readers.

I have a complete draft now in place, and am working on polishing and fine-tuning. I will need another month of work to get it to where I want a full first draft to be.

The ideas are coming. I’ve broken water.

I will get back to blogging in a bit, but a child is on the way.

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