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November 6 – there will be blood!

After the votes are counted, there will be blood. There will be murders and mayhem. I predict suicides, rapes, extreme violence, lynching, lying, spitting, brawls, slaughtering, genocides, homicides, infanticide. I fully expect at least one Columbine. I know there will be lone gunmen as well as gangs marauding through the streets, searching for the supporters of the other side, and slaughtering them. Looting, burning, stealing, destroying, that’s what’s gonna happen on November 6. I see streets with tires burning around the bodies of men and women and children. And people watching, wondering, how did we ever get to this? It will be a bloodbath. There will be a frenzy of violence, and drinking of blood.


Violence! (Photo credit: Rickydavid)

I remember a time, long ago, when I felt a surge of violence inside me that was shocking and unbelievably powerful. I felt like I was a machine – a thing of blood with moving mechanical parts. I wanted to run into the streets and fire my gun in the air and at every and any thing that moved. I felt violent.

The difference between what happened to me and what will happen on November 6 is stark. With me, I was at a Jamaican Dancehall session where DJ Capleton was on stage chanting “Come let us burn them out!” The music was psychotic and violent, and it was pulsating in my veins. I was smoking (not cigarette) and I had been drinking (not juice) and found my self in an inhuman trance. And the message of the music spoke to me. And I saw myself as a real gangster, a real ‘don’. Thankfully I have never returned to having those feelings since.


Capleton aka ‘The Fireman’ (Photo credit: Rototom Sunsplash)

As for the US presidential elections, I have been thinking about November 6 and what will happen after the votes are counted. It is a close election, that we all know (or that we have all heard.)

Someone will win and someone will lose.

People say that America is sufficiently civilized so the results will be accepted without physical violence and mayhem. That may be true, but in my view even if there is no outward show of violence, I know that there will be violence in the minds of thousands if not millions of Americans when the results are known. When they either see that the black man is still in the White House or that the billionaire Mormon who has nothing in common with the poor has assumed the seat of power.

Americans feel deeply about this election. The level of dislike between both sides has hardly ever been more palpable. There is no doubt in my mind that Obama and Romney genuinely dislike each other. And there is, similarly, more than a mild disgust between their supporters.

Passionate Democrats say they have seen the Republicans dress up a snake in sheep’s clothing (look carefully, that’s the tail beneath the dress.) The tea party has been quiet. Mitt has been moderate. Ryan has said little about the tough things that will need to be done to balance the budget. Passionate Democrats see this as an obvious and well planned strategy to strike for the middle and not alienate the liberals, the poor, the middle class, the Latinos  etc. What will happen if the ploy succeeds, and passionate Democrats see the snake slithering through the grass on the front lawn of the White House?

And, from the other side, what will happen if the ploy fails and the tea party and ultra conservatives see that they have lost, and that the black, Muslim, foreign-born, pro-life, pro-gay, godless man is back in the white house? Remember the sign in Ohio at the rally? (“Time to put White back in the White House.”)

One of these two outcomes will materialise, and I suspect that the burning, and looting, and lynching that’s in our genes will boil and there will be extreme violence in the minds of thousands of people. What will happen outside the mind is another story, but I know that inside, there will be violence.

A History of Violence

A History of Violence (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

As for me, that night in Kingston I stayed inside the Dancehall, I drank a  few more Guinness, tried chatting with some girls, and ate some peanuts and roast corn. I later went home and slept.


Is this only about the man who believes that no one who is rich should be left behind vs. the Food Stamp President?

N: Yaaaawn. Oh man, I think I must’a o’erslept! What time is it? Turn on the TV, let me watch some news. Put it on Fox.

Y: Yes, mama. It’s eleven o’clock, mama. You’ve been sleeping a long time.

N: Bring me some coffee. Bring an aspirin as well, my head’s killing me.

Y: Yes, mama.

N: Who’s that negro on the TV?

Y: That’s the president mama.

N: You mean that god-less Muslim negro boy from, where was he from? What’s that place in Africa called? Al Qaeda or something.

Y: Yes, mama.

N: What’s this? I don’t want no black coffee! Put some milk in it! Go! When’d that boy become president anyway?

Y: While you were asleep mama.

N: Well, I’m awake now, so I guess we’ll just have to fix that.

Y: Yes, mama.

Agreed. Political issues are not what you (or I) should expect from this blog. Nevertheless, I would argue, the caption on my blog clearly indicates that I will write about issues such as cotton candy and also sex. And since sex and politics are almost the same, I reckon I can therefore blog about politics. Good then. (But I promise not to make it a habit.)

The thing is this: the upcoming elections in the USA are so important that I fear that if it is left only to the American people to vote they may make a huge mess of things. It is for this reason, and this reason only, that I really believe that we in the rest of the world should be allowed to vote as well. I am quite certain this would lead to a better outcome.

I can’t recall another time in recent history when the social and ideological conflicts were as sharp as they are today in American society and politics.

What we have today is not just two men running for office, but two poles of the ideological spectrum competing for power. [I am assuming Romney vs. Obama and leaving out Gingrich and Ron Paul, because if either of those two win the Republican nomination then I am renouncing my citizenship in the world community.) In the 1990s Francis Fukuyama and others argued that ideology was dead; at the time they were referring to the East-West divide. I would like to know what these scholars now make of the divide opening up within the American society. To me, this divide is absolutely not an issue of rich vs. poor, haves vs. dog eat your supper. No. From where I sit, this looks like a much deeper social, ideological, racial, and intellectual divide. It looks to me that the time has come when anything and anyone liberal, gay, black, socially-oriented etc. must look over their shoulder when walking alone through dark alleys. Because something is lurking, the That Which Should Not Be Named.

The Food Stamp President. How many of you see this as a thinly veiled attempt to cast blacks and other minority groups as lazy and dependent? How many of you see the ideological line between those who believe the State has a responsibility to help the less fortunate, and those who believe that (a) the State should simply create the environment for businesses to grow so they can create jobs and employ those who are willing to work, and (b) if businesses are growing and some people still can’t find work then, obviously, those people are lazy, and the State should not use our money to take care of them anyway.

“I don’t care about the very poor’” is not a misquote. It is not a slip of the tongue. And it is not taking a piece of a statement out of context. Listen to the tone. Listen to the voice of an ideology of market efficiency, capitalism, power, wealth, business, capital gains, dividends, real Americans. Not only does this ideology not have appropriate language to communicate with the poor, it is an ideology which, when it communicates about the poor, can only do so in terms such as dependent, lazy, food stamp, black, immigrant.

This is an ideology of an America and a social class that is self-sufficient  – does not need either foreign or poor or immigrant allies, and will never apologize for anything it does.

This is an ideology which has awakened and found out that blacks, gays, socialists, non-Americans, liberals, Muslims, terrorists, immigrants, demons, and other vile creatures have insidiously infiltrated the State, and are corrupting the machinery of government, the wider society and, frankly, anything they touch. Whatever you do, do not drink after them! Do not share the same plate! And if you must shake their hands because social decorum demands it, then, for the love of the True God, do not touch yourself before you wash!

Call it politics if you will, or call it the competition for State power. To me this looks like fear, racism, intolerance, bigotry, classism. And it looks like a frightened ideology fighting with every ounce of strength it still has to avoid extinction. And, for want of a more elegant way to express myself, I must say that all of this is scaring the poo out of me!

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